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Published on May 11th, 2008

Realistic prices sell homes faster!

Many home owners believe that once a buyer sees their home, they’ll fall in love with it, and immediately make an offer.  Furthermore, they are convinced that the buyer’s desire will be so high they’ll make an offer close to the asking price, even if it is excessively high.

In reality, most home buyers will make a realistic offer irrespective of the asking price.  So the closer your asking price is to the realistic price, the better the chance is of selling faster.  Additionally if your asking price is way too high, it will discourage many potential buyers from even inspecting your home.

If you are selling, don’t be fooled by keeping the asking price high, marketing time is valuable, if your property lingers around too long, it becomes ‘old hat’.  If your home spends too long in the wrong price range, it’s missing out on valuable time in the right price range where the buyers are.  You probably have less chance of getting a good price because potential buyers have probably already bought other properties.

Price is an important factor and should be carefully considered.  Your price should be constantly assessed in discussions with your agent.


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