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Published on August 30th, 2010

First Impressions Count

When it comes to real estate, the heart and the head are working together. A well presented home will not ony stand out from the crowd and encourage more inspections, it can ensure a higher sale price. On the other hand, a home that looks shabby and neglected may turn prospective buyers awy even before they’ve had an inspection.

Presenting your home for sale so that is does stand out is not difficult but there are a few basic thoughts to bear in mind. Put yourself in the position of a potential buyer and go through the property starting at the front and consider sensible cost-efffective enhancements.

Begin garden improvements as soon as you decide to sell. Tidy up the garden beds, remove weeds, cut back overhanging branches, trim hedges, mow the grass (and nature strip if required), sweep the pathways, rake up leaves and dispose of all branches, cuttings and debris. Fix any broken fence or gate. Paint the gate and the letterbox if required.

Check and fix any rotten timber that’s part of stairs, railings, deckboards etc. Generally clean the exterior. Bright sparkling windows and clean frames make a big difference. Up to a point, repair and repaint any part of the house that looks run down or shabby. Consider the gutters, facia, doors and windows.

The interior walls and ceilings may need washing down. Skirting boards are often over looked. You may need to get the carpets cleaned.

The kitchen and bathroom(s) must be spotless. Buyers open and shut doors, cupboards, fridges and ovens. They inspect any appliances that are being sold with the house. These should all be clean and in working order.

In the bathroom remove any mildew and clean the grouting. A new shower curtain will be inexpensive and is a good idea. Carrying out and essential plumbing are strongly recommended.

To increase a sense of spaciousness, put any non-essential items of furniture away in a cupboard or storage area.


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