Tips for Selling

When you are selling your home, there are a number of minor things that you can do to help increase the value of your home and make it more presentable. The first impression your home makes on a prospective buyer is the most important in securing a good sale. As a homeowner, this can make a difference of thousands when it comes to the final sale.  Here are some tips to help with the general appearance of your property before it is put up for sale:

1. Repair:

If you have anything in need of repair, make sure this is attended to. You should contact the appropriate tradesperson if you have a leaking pipe, cracked roof or damaged walls interior or external walls that need plastering or painting. Do other odd jobs like clean gutters. Prospective buyers like to feel as is everything is intact and ready for them to just move in. If they see anything that is broken, you can be sure they will be wondering if there is anything else in need of repair, and how much it will all end up costing. If anything requires repair it might be used as bargaining for a price reduction. The best tip is to make sure your house is well maintained to ensure you get the best price possible.

2. Make the most of your garden:

The garden is one of the first things that the prospective buyer will see, and it can also be a real focal point of the house.  Make sure that you keep your garden looking at its best. Regular mowing, raking, edging, weeding and watering (within council regulations) will preserve a neat and clean garden. You can hire professional garden maintenance experts for a one-off garden tidy if you don’t have the time.

3. Think of the details:

For the exterior of your home, all items like the fences, front lights, patio furniture, garden lighting should be attractive to the eye. It is these that all the aesthetic value to your home. More importantly, the front path that leads to your house should be well paved and safe with no loose stones. These small details are very important in giving the impressions of you style and character, whether that is simple, smart, casual or elegant.

4. Do you have a pool?

If you do make sure that it is a feature of your garden. Ensure that it is clean and that the surround is in good condition. If there are any repairs you could do, this would be advisable.

5. Freshen up rooms:

It is amazing how a fresh coat of paint can transform even the dullest of rooms. Freshly painted walls look clean, inviting and well maintained. It is best to use a neutral colour on your walls, to help the prospective buyer to see what they might wish to do with the room. Instead of darker colours opt, for a neutral white or beige as they give the illusion of space, helping smaller rooms to look bigger. 

6. Be objective:

Although you might have decorated some of your rooms for your own particular needs, now it is going on the market, you should look at the room using the eyes of a prospective buyer. For instance, while the second bedroom is a dark blue because it was your son’s room, this might not be attractive to your buyer. Painting the room neutral colour makes the most out of the room, and makes your house more attractive to a larger number of potential buyers. Look around your home to see if there are any design choices in your home that you should change to make your house more desirable to the wider market.

7. De-clutter

This just doesn’t mean tidy up a bit, this is the spring clean to end all spring cleans. Get the skips in and throw out anything that is not an heirloom, of extreme personal or financial value, or has not been used in six months. If you have kids then get savage with the toys. When your house is open for potential buyers you want then to see an orderly, spacious abode that has a feeling of lots of room. This achieved by de-cluttering. 

8. Clean

Make sure the windows sparkle, shower, bath, tapes, benches and floors. Dust and remove all cobwebs.

9. Don’t go overboard

Resist the temptation to go overboard with the pre-sale improvements. Don’t put in new carpets, a kitchen or bathroom unless the existing ones badly let down the overall feel of your home. Spending a few thousand to make the house look presentable but don’t go overboard.

10. Lastly

Keep the tidiness up throughout the selling campaign and also put away valuables to prevent them from getting broken or stolen during open houses or inspections.


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